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Ferrarini & Benelli Srl

Via del Commercio 22
IT-26014 Romanengo (Cremona)
+39 0373 729272
+39 0373 270131
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Ferrarini & Benelli – Italian leading company in the field of surface treatment systems

Ferrarini & Benelli, headquartered in Romanengo, Cremona, Italy, has been designing and manufacturing Corona and Plasma surface treatment systems since 1965.

Surface treatment systems improve the characteristics of adhesion and wettability of many substrates including plastic and metallised films, plastic-coated paper, aluminium foil and laminates. Converters, label manufacturers, printers and manufacturers of flexible packaging all over the world install and use the surface treatment systems provided by Ferrarini & Benelli.
In addition to Corona treatment, in 2010 Ferrarini & Benelli has broaden its range of solutions by introducing its plasma treatment.

In 2020 Ferrarini & Benelli achieved an important milestone: 55 years in business